President Remengesau looks to new drone technologies to protect Palau’s waters

In order to enforce the newly-proposed ban on commercial fisheries, President Remengesau has started looking into using drone technology to protect Palau’s seas and marine sanctuaries.

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President Remengesau announces plans to consider making all of Palau’s waters a sanctuary

Palau’s President Remengesau announced a plan to establish one of the world’s largest marine protected areas by banning commercial fishing over an area roughly the size of France.

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A ‘historic’ day for marine species protection at CITES

The 16th meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was a historic event for marine species. The proposals to protect three kinds of sharks and two kinds of manta rays were upheld in the final debate on March 14th. This means that trade regulations will help these endangered species to recover. Read more from the BBC:


Brittle star species not seen since World War II found in Palau

An expedition led by instructors of USC Dornsife’s Scientific Research Diving program recently found specimens of a possible new species of Echinoderm. Recent dives in Palau uncovered three small Echinoderms in the class Ophiuroidea (Brittle Stars), close relatives of starfish. This particular type of Brittle Star was last seen roughly 76 years ago by Japanese researchers in Palau. For pictures and further information read the original article at:

brittle star